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Paddington Reservoir Garden: a beautiful secret garden in Sydney

2020-05-23T14:48:28+02:00By |Sydney Attractions|

A peaceful retreat amid buildings and Chinese restaurants in the heart of Paddington, this sunken garden features hanging gardens, high water walkways, and colonnades. Paddington Reservoir Sydney Over the years the garden had various functions, however, in the beginning, it was an essential water resource for the rapidly growing colony in the nineteenth century. [...]

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park: the spiritual heart of Australia

2020-05-23T14:28:48+02:00By |Australia Attractions|

Six hours drive from Alice Springs, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park takes its name from its most important treasure: Uluru, or Ayers Rock in English. This UNESCO World Heritage Site and spiritual heart of Australia is a sacred monolith, a very ancient place closely connected to Aboriginal culture. Finally, after years of struggles and demonstrations, Aboriginal [...]

Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney

2020-05-23T14:12:49+02:00By |Sydney Attractions|

At the forefront of Elizabeth Bay is the historic Elizabeth Bay House, part of Sydney's "Living Museum" heritage. It was built "at great expense" in 1900 by one of the wealthiest Europeans in the city, colonial secretary Alexander Macleay. Elizabeth Bay House is a superb example of Australian colonial architecture, best known for its central elliptical [...]

Maroubra: Sydney’s surfers’ paradise

2020-05-23T13:37:42+02:00By |Sydney Neighborhoods|

Less famous than Bondi and not as touristy as nearby Coogee, the Maroubra district extends over an enchanted bay, surrounded by windswept dunes, wild bushes, and rocky cliffs. In 2006 it became the second Australian beach to be named a National Surfing Reserve, an acknowledgment that reflects the name of this place: Maroubra in Aboriginal language [...]

A curious animal hiding from the moon that became the symbol of Australian Easter: the bilby!

2020-05-23T12:31:00+02:00By |Culture Australia|

Easter in Australia does not differentiate much from Easter elsewhere in the world, except for one thing: the Easter bunny. Australia, indeed, has a bilby as an Easter symbol. The Easter chocolate bilby It all began when in 1968 the 9-years-old girl Rose-Marie Dusting wrote a story, "Billy The Aussie Easter Bilby”. The book, published 10 [...]

What to eat in Australia: 15 foods you should try

2020-05-10T15:08:59+02:00By |Food Australia|

What exactly people eat in Australia?  To immerse yourself in the culture of a place you're visiting it means also taste the local dishes and typical products of a country. It is not simple gastronomic curiosity, but behind every food, there is a story, sometimes funny, sometimes unbelievable, which in some cases guide us to distant [...]

15 days itinerary in Australia for first-time visitors

2020-05-10T12:36:16+02:00By |Travel Tips Australia|

A faraway country that fascinates adventurous spirits and explorers for its mix of cultures and amazing landscapes. The natural wonders and those created by humans merge in a mosaic of thousands of hues. From the lights of cosmopolitan cities to the blazing desert areas of the Australian Outback to the colourful abysses of the ocean, Australia [...]

How to find a job in Australia

2020-05-09T15:48:03+02:00By |Live and work Australia|

Are you trying to find a job in Australia? Whether you want to live in Australia temporarily to study, travel or move permanently, one of the first concerns is finding a job. Here I put together some information and tips based on my experience to create a complete guide on how to find work in Australia [...]

Visit Manly, Sydney

2020-05-10T12:27:12+02:00By |Sydney Neighborhoods|

A wonderful beach suburb with an attractive setting facing the Pacific Ocean, Manly is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Sydney. Fairytale beaches surrounded by pine trees and loved by families and surfers, plenty of restaurants and cafés to enjoy the view sipping a cocktail or eating fish and chips, a laid back atmosphere that [...]

A walk through the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney

2020-05-23T14:05:21+02:00By |Sydney Attractions|

Next to the famous Sydney Opera House, you can find the amazing Royal Botanic Gardens, a green oasis home to an outstanding collection of plants from Australia and overseas. Nestled on the water’s edge, offers a pleasant promenade with great views on the harbour and a place to relax far from the hustle and bustle of the [...]