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Paddington Reservoir Garden: a beautiful secret garden in Sydney

2020-05-23T14:48:28+02:00By |Sydney Attractions|

A peaceful retreat amid buildings and Chinese restaurants in the heart of Paddington, this sunken garden features hanging gardens, high water walkways, and colonnades. Paddington Reservoir Sydney Over the years the garden had various functions, however, in the beginning, it was an essential water resource for the rapidly growing colony in the nineteenth century. [...]

A walk through the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney

2020-05-23T14:05:21+02:00By |Sydney Attractions|

Next to the famous Sydney Opera House, you can find the amazing Royal Botanic Gardens, a green oasis home to an outstanding collection of plants from Australia and overseas. Nestled on the water’s edge, offers a pleasant promenade with great views on the harbour and a place to relax far from the hustle and bustle of the [...]